Tuesday, September 30, 2008

GWO (Thanks, Kristin)

I'm getting lazy. I figure, why take the time to write about my weekend when somebody already has? Plus she's a better writer than I am. So, I'm stealing Kristin's work. Everything is correct, except the part about who kept who up until 3am (it was KRISTIN!!).
In Kristin's own words (titled GWO):
That's 'Girls Weekend Out', and we just got back. It was fantastic. 6 of us, left children and husbands for a little girls retreat. We drove up to SLC for General RS Meeting and stayed with my mom (Happy Birthday today Mom!). It was fun. We helped Ivie prepare her Gospel Doctrine lesson which led to a lot of interesting tangents, and then when we got to mom's we had caramel and chocolate apples and talked some more.When we finally made it to bed, some of us stayed up even later talking about...well, I forget, it was pretty late, or early I should say. Giggles and stories till 3 am. Yeah, 3 AM!!! (It was all Cindy's fault. She wouldn't shut up!) The next day we were both pretty hammered, and being in the temple for an early morning session when you're wiped out isn't easy, but we managed to keep each other awake. It was a really nice session. Then it was off to the DI for our 2 hour shopping extravaganza (and the yard sale Karen made me pull over at). We found some pretty good deals, and everyone left happy. The deal of the day was probably Karen's find, the applesauce maker thing for $2. Or her ski's for $10. Or her really cool vintage shoes for $4, well, she had a lot of stuff.
Then it was into SL for an early lunch, pot pies and soup in the Nauvoo Cafe, yum. We were trying to catch the new Joseph Smith film, but Cindy and I were afraid we'd pass out if left in a dark room for more than 2 minutes. We went to the distribution center instead, just before the meeting. We got to the Conference Center at 4:30 for the 6:00 meeting, and I was sure it'd be empty, but there were tons of people already. The security was interesting, having never been to a session there, I didn't realize we were so high tech. Metal detectors, wands, bag searches, FBI looking ear pieces on the security guys. Wow. Well, they took our plastic bags from the distribution center away, so we wouldn't be able to suffocate anyone! Seriously? So funny. But the really funny part was, while they were confiscating all our bags, our friend Ivie managed to sneak in a knife in her purse! She forgot it'd been there a week from some apple peeling at cubs, and was in a panic they'd find it, but the purse searching guy missed that one. Oh well, at least they got the REALLY dangerous plastic sacks!I didn't realize the Conference Center is so MASSIVE! I couldn't believe it. Did you know it seats 23,000 people? More than the Delta Center! And I didn't really believe you could fit a 747 jet on the main floor, but once inside, I bet you could squeeze 2 in. It was pretty amazing. The talks were great, the crowds were orderly and well managed, it was kind of like going to the temple, in that you could never get lost, there was someone standing every 10 feet ready to point out the way, except they weren't all ancient and dressed in white.
The meeting ended at 7:30, and we were back in the car and on the road by 8pm. Not bad. By 12:15am we were home.
Wow, that was the easiest post I've ever written. Thanks again Kristin.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Whatever it takes to keep him happy...

Ahhh, this makes me happy; they're all asleep!

And after they're all asleep, this is what makes me happy (or pretty much anything else with butter, cream, sugar, chocolate, or tons of saturated fat in it).

Monday, September 22, 2008

Still Lovin' Those Tomatoes

To Ben, a garden means: never ending food. All the tomatoes he can eat, right at his disposal.
To check out Ben last year, click Here.

Newest Member of the Family

No, I'm not pregnant again, but I feel like I have another child. Jason brought home a new dog last week. One of his professors at school was trying to get rid of him (bad sign #1). Apparently, the dog ate half an ottoman at their house (bad sign #2). He doesn't listen to me very well (bad sign #3) and he thinks he's a house dog (bad sign #4). In case you can't tell, I'm not too excited about this. Sure, I like dogs, but not so much when they require a lot of my time.
But to be fair, I'm trying to see the bright side. Vince (named after our other dog that lasted 2 weeks before he ran away) is very good with kids. I have to admit he has a lot of patience. Ben abuses the dog. A lot. Perhaps he figures if he can't abuse Weston, the dog is the next best thing. He tries to pull his tongue from his mouth, drags him around by the lips, sits and stands on him, shoves his hand down his throat, etc., etc...you get the idea. He's just plain mean. Surprisingly, Vince has never tried to bite him. I almost wish he would, it would teach him a lesson.
I'm still trying to come up with other good things. He's growing on me. A little. Or maybe I just feel sorry for him. Jason promised to finish fencing in the yard so that he can start living back there. In the mean time, he supposedly lives in the garage, but spends much of his time in the house.
Thoroughly looking the dog over.
A little too thoroughly.

Four Month Weigh In

Here are the results from Weston's 4 month checkup:
Weight: 13lbs 2oz (14%)
Height: 25.5 in (67%)
Head 16.5 in (37%)
The doc was a bit concerned with the shape of his head (narrow and long) and the fact that he hardly has a soft spot anymore, so he ordered an x-ray of his head to be sure that his skull wasn't fusing prematurely. The results turned out fine, which we're very grateful for.
He's healthy and well, and already trying to get around. He has started creeping towards toys; it won't be long before I'm losing my mind.

Playing it cool.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a Mean Tooth Fairy!

The boys all had a dentist appointment yesterday. No cavities! However, Regan had a tooth that had to be pulled. It had been capped a few years ago, and the roots were being eaten away. The Dentist was worried it would start to affect the permanent tooth below.
When Regan saw his tooth, he thought he'd hit the jackpot. He was sure the tooth fairy (he knows I'm the tooth fairy) would pay loads for a silver tooth. He was wrong. I told him that I had a new rule. If a tooth comes out and it has a filling, he doesn't earn anything. After paying for a filling, and then a cap, and finally an extraction, why should I have to pay him? In fact, he should owe me! He didn't agree. But he's not the tooth fairy, I am. However, in the spirit of toothfairyinism (hmm...spellcheck had "no suggestions"), I think I will give him something in exchange for his tooth. A fat tube of toothpaste and a note-Use it well, next time.. you'll get a bill!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ben's Two, and Having a Ball!

Ben's birthday was on Friday. We had a 'ball' birthday. Ball was his first word (after mom and dad, of course), and he's been obsessed with them ever since. I made his cake after he went to bed the night before his birthday. I made sure to take a picture that night because I knew it was unlikely that it would make it to the party unscathed. Sure enough, the next morning while I was changing Weston's diaper, Ben climbed up the drawers and onto the counter. He had eaten most of the frosting off of one the cupcakes when I found him. There were also fingerprints through several others as well as the cake. Oh well. Can't get too mad at the birthday boy for wanting to eat his own cake.

Blowing out the candles.

Two years old. Time to start using real big and sharp dangerous knives.

Finally! Nobody is trying to stop him from having his cake and eating it too.

After going through the whole line of boys twice, Jason finally brought the pinata down (along with half a tree branch).

Present time! Ben had a good size pile of presents. The majority of them were from his brothers. They had shopped at the D.I., plus re gifted a number of Ben's own toys. Since we were doing the ball theme, that's exactly what I got him. I only had to spend $2.97 on his present. That would never fly with the older kids. Two year olds are awesome!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Time Out

It was a long day for Ben. One O' clock church and no nap. This is how we found him a few minutes after being sent to time out, fast asleep.