Sunday, September 30, 2007

Stroller ride gone bad

Yesterday, after being turned down on their offer to take Ben on a stroller ride, Regan and Spencer decide taking Spencer for a ride would be the next best thing. Not long after, we hear screaming, and it's getting closer. From the sound of it, someone has surely lost a limb.
Spencer bursts through the kitchen door and collapses on the floor. I see no visible signs of damage, but judging from the agony in his screams, it must be serious. Perhaps internal bleeding, I'm thinking. Clearly he's mere inches from death.
But wait! This is Spencer we're dealing with. So everybody just take a deep breath. He's not dying after all. Jason holds him on his lap until he's recovered enough to give us the story.
He was inadvertently launched from the stroller when Regan failed to steer clear of an uneven section in the sidewalk while running at full speed.
So after all this, what was the damage? If you scroll down to the bottom picture you may be able to see (if you click on the picture to view the full size) the skin that was so tragically skinned from his knee.
And these are the same boys that wanted to take Ben for a ride? No wonder Ben prefers to hang out with Mom!

Tomato Harvest

We're down to the last of our tomatoes and peppers.
Tonight we brought in the rest of them from the garden before they freeze.
It looks like Ben is really going to miss the garden.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Introducing....The Champion 4

A toilet is just a toilet...or is it? Not according to the American Standard company. This toilet boasts of being "virtually clog free" and able to handle "150 feet of toilet paper". The writing on the box says "throw away your plunger" and "never have to wiggle the handle again".
Why do I care? Well, you'd have to know a bit about my toilet history to better understand.
It all started when we bought our house. The toilet was near the top of my list of things to be replaced. I just couldn't stand the thought of that old dirty 1950's toilet being in my home. No telling when in had last been cleaned, and I sure didn't want the job. It was much more appealing to me to just throw it out and get a new one.
Jason, knowing my wishes about the toilet, came home one day and announced that he'd found a toilet for us. "What do you mean found?" I already didn't like the sound of this.
"Someone was getting rid of it! And it works perfectly, there's nothing wrong with it. It was made in 1937 and the handle is AWESOME!" Only Jason could get so excited about an old toilet. He was certain it would become a great conversation piece in our home.
Hmmm....1937. I'm thinking there was a bit of miscommunication somewhere.
In the end, we compromised. He could bring the toilet home if it passed my cleaning inspection. He spent a good while with it in the driveway, cleaning it inside and out with some sort of acid that would remove any questionable spots. Finally, it was allowed inside the house.
I'll admit that it worked quite well for at least a year, maybe longer, but, despite being snaked and several new flappers, it was still failing to do the job. So, that brings us to the Champion 4, my toilet of choice. It works beautifully. Jason was somewhat sad about removing his 1937 American Standard Cadet, but he'll be glad that he no longer has to get out of bed to wiggle the toilet handle because we just realized it's still running.
I'm looking forward to seeing if it lives up to the claim of 150 feet of toilet paper. With my boys, it can't be long before it's put to the test!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Yes, two lines means positive. And yes, I'm just as surprised as you. I wasn't planning this for at least another year. I had this test from the dollar store lying around and decided to take it after days of hot flashes, upset stomach and fatigue. I didn't really expect a positive, I just wanted to rule it out.
I guess it's time to wean Ben? So much for breastfeeding birth control.
Well, on the bright side, I think I may be done after this.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jack O' Lantern

Regan has set himself up for the perfect costume this year. All we need to do is paint his face orange and put a light in his mouth. Couldn't be easier!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Ben!

I think it's kind of silly that we celebrate 1st birthdays. Clearly the one year old cares nothing about it. I've decided that I tell myself certain lies so that I can believe it's worth all the work.
Here's how it goes-
The Lie: Ben is going to love opening his presents!
The Reality: It only took a small amount of force and some screaming on Ben's part to get the presents open.

The Lie: Ben's new toy is going to keep him busy and away from me for hours on end!
The Reality: His new toy will be overtaken by an older sibling within 2 minutes of his opening it.

The Lie: Ben is really going to love his cake that I stayed up until midnight making.
The Reality: The only way I can get him to look at his cake is by lighting the candle.

The Lie: Ben is going to love eating his cake!
The Reality: There is actually much truth to this. However, he loves just about anything that is put in front of him, so I'm not sure this really counts.

So, I guess it's true. This birthday party was for everyone but Ben. A reason to hang out and eat cake and ice cream. Of course, one day he can look back on the pictures, and although he may not remember, he'll know it really was all about him.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Benjamin's First Steps

Ben took his first steps today on his own. 3 in a row, to be exact. He was very proud of himself.
At least once he starts walking, the tops of his feet and his legs won't be evidence of my dirty floors anymore. I will no longer be forced to mop because of his black legs and feet and I can go back to pretending that I maintain spotless floors!

Friday, September 7, 2007

New Slide Shows

I've added a slide show for each of the kids below. You can use the mouse to control the pictures or click on View all images for a tradional slide show.

Regan's Slide Show

Benjamin's Slide Show

Spencer's Slide Show

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

He's got style

Although he can't reach the pedals, he knows how to drive in style!

Spencer as a grown-up

Too funny! My Dad sent this in the mail yesterday. Perfect fit, Dad!