Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What A Square!

This morning, Regan woke up early and decided to make everyone breakfast. Spencer didn't want the eggs he was cooking, so Regan offered him a bowl of Shredded Wheat. Spencer accepted, but after he was served, the melt down began. Come to find out, he wanted the "square kind" not the "rectangle kind" of Shredded Wheat. Are you kidding me? Just what kind of child are we raising?
In the end, while throwing his fit, his "rectangle kind" of Shredded Wheat was stolen by the breakfast caper (as seen in the post below), and the poor kid was left without "square" or "rectangle" breakfast.

The Breakfast Caper

In this house, you better keep a close eye on your breakfast. There is no table high enough nor child lock secure enough to keep your food out of the hands of this thief.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ten Years!

We celebrated our tenth anniversary on Wednesday. A year ago we had big plans for #10, but in the end, we went to dinner and Wal-Mart. Dinner was very good though. We went up the canyon to Rusty's. We've gone there for our anniversary for the past 6 or 7 years. Jason's parents had called ahead and paid for it, so for once we didn't have to share an entree (thank you, Mom and Dad Murray).

This picture came from our wedding invitations. My brother took one look at it and said "It's nice that neither of you bothered to do your hair that day."
Yes, well, this picture was taken in Washington with a light drizzle all day long, and being pressed for time, this is what we ended up with. But, truth be told, ten years later things aren't a lot different. We still don't bother to do our hair most days. I'm glad I have a husband who doesn't care about that. Or at least says that he doesn't. I'm grateful for the last ten years I've had with him. He's a wonderful husband and father.
Maybe in ten more years we'll shoot for somewhere a little more romantic than Wal-Mart to spend our anniversary.

Snow Caves & Broken Bones

We went up to my parents a few weekends ago. They boys were in heaven with all the snow. All their cousins came over and they spent the evening digging tunnels through the piles of snow.

It wasn't all fun and games though, Spencer got hurt later that night.
My Mom has one of those basketball shooting games. A couple of the smaller cousins crawled into it while Spencer was playing and it collapsed on his hand. Of course, we weren't able to determine what had happened until hours later when he had calmed down enough to tell us.

We heard the screaming, but with Spencer you never know how serious it is. After about 30 minutes of non stop screaming, we decided to take him in. My brother, a pre-med student, has access to the x-rays at the hospital, so he and Jason took him in. As it turned out, he had 2 broken fingers. A doctor there made a temporary splint for him until we could get home and have it seen.

After getting through the initial shock of it, he's done surprisingly well. In fact it doesn't seem to bother him much at all. He did have one moment of panic the other night when he found some of his cuticle peeling back. He was convinced that all the skin was peeling off of his broken fingers. He screamed for about twenty minutes about how scared he was. Eventually, I was able to convince him that it was normal and he's been fine ever since.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back At It

Okay, I know you're all getting tired of seeing "Christmas Vacation" every time you get on my blog. An update is long overdue. I think I lost every bit of creativity I had (which isn't much) with the coming of the New Year. Since then, I seem unable to receive inspiration for clever or interesting posts. Or maybe I'm just having trouble finding any humor in the day to day drama of my boys. Either way, I'm trying to get back into the mode.
Now, for a few things that I need to catch up on...
As you already know, Regan turned eight in November. The age of eight comes with a baptism and the beginning of Scouts, both of which he has looked forward to for a long time.
He was baptized the first Saturday of January. It happened to be on the same day as his good friend Trenton. My Dad gave an excellent talk, and we had a dinner afterward at the church. Many of our good friends came and supported us. It turned out to be a very nice day.
And then there's scouts. Regan could hardly wait to wear his uniform. I had bought him a shirt and all the patches for Christmas. The cost was over $40! For a shirt and a couple of patches?! Then, one of my friends told me that she had a shirt her son didn't need anymore and that we could have it. I decided to wrap the new one and let him open it and then return it after Christmas. Well, on Christmas morning, he opened the present and before I could say anything, he ripped the tags off of everything. So much for saving a few bucks.
Thankfully, my Mom sewed on all the patches. Otherwise, they'd still be sitting in the box.

Along with scouts comes the long anticipated (and dreaded) Pinewood Derby. Somehow important information, like the date of the derby, didn't get passed down to the appropriate people. As it turned out, we found out the night before the Derby that it was to be held the next day. Everyone in the ward were scrambling to get their cars done. Thanks to a good member of the ward for the loan of his wood shop and a handy husband, we were able to finish the car minutes before the Derby started.
Regan's car didn't win, but it didn't lose either. He seemed to think that it was the coolest thing yet this year. I'm glad he enjoyed it, but glad we won't have to endure another one until next year.