Thursday, February 26, 2009


We've been up at Primary Children's Hospital this week seeing some specialists about Weston's head. He's had a ridge down his forehead and no soft spot for several months now. His pediatrician wanted him to be seen by a specialist, so here we are. Turns out he has metopic synostosis, meaning the suture down his forehead, along with his soft spot, has prematurely closed. This wasn't a huge surprise to us, we've suspected it for a while now, and have done plenty of research on the subject.
The picture above is him getting a CT scan. I was trying to keep him happy and still long enough for them to get a good picture. Luckily it was successful. Otherwise, he would have had to be sedated.
We still are waiting to see the neurosurgeon on Monday, but from what we've been told so far, it looks like he'll need surgery. It's quite an extensive surgery, taking 4-5 hours. They cut from one ear to the other to expose the skull. Then they'll cut what needs to be open and reconstruct the skull. Sounds horrible to me, but apparently it's a fairly routine surgery. This condition is present in about one in every one thousand babies.
While it's certainly not going to be fun, there could be worse things. I'm grateful that we caught it early enough and that it can be corrected. If left untreated, brain damage or developmental problems could occur, as well as the head deformity.
I'll post any updates as they occur. Please keep him in your prayers.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


My mom knitted these sweaters for the boys. Regan and Spencer got theirs for Christmas, but she just finished the others. I know this was no easy feat. Thanks Mom, they look great!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Minivan #3

It's always profitable for us when we visit with my parents. Living 4 hours apart, we can usually only get together every few months or so. But when we do, we always end up a little better off. Gas money, smoke alarms, oil's always something. My parents get teased by my brothers that I'm the favorite child, which is most likely true, but it also helps to be the poorest (we're not the ones playing in Hawaii).

So this week they came for a visit, and they did not disappoint. When I saw them pull up in separate vehicles, I knew we'd scored big time. A new minivan! Every time my parents get a new van, we inherit the old one. And they don't let it get very old before giving it to us. They say they want to make sure we have something safe and reliable to drive so they don't have to worry about us on the 4 hour drive to their house. Well okay, but THREE minivans?! Yes, that's what we have parked in our driveway right now. None of which we have paid for. Should I be embarrassed? Probably so, but most of all I'm grateful that we don't have to have a car payment while trying to get through school. We'll probably sell the oldest one, which will most likely end up paying a mortgage payment or two. Thanks Mom and Dad.

The week before my parents came I was cleaning out our van, and I'll just say, I'm tempted to not let the kids anywhere near the new van. I'll use it only for special occasions and times that I may need to impress someone with my clean minivan. If we were to go somewhere nice, I wouldn't have to worry about what might fall out of the back door when it slides open, or that someone might catch a glimpse inside of our van. Or, if I should need to give someone a ride, I wouldn't have to worry about being embarrassed that they might find something unrecognizable growing in the back seat.

About a year ago, a friend sent me an e-mail with this video, below. I think about it every time I clean the van. Unfortunately, it hits too close to home, but it makes me laugh. It's actually a Zima advertisement (no, I don't drink, nor endorse Zima), and I think it's meant to make fun of us minivan moms, but I think it's hilarious.

Mom and Dad are probably having some second thoughts right about now, but don't worry, I'm sure this time will be different.