Sunday, April 24, 2011

The New Babysitter

That is, the trampoline, not Spencer.
It's been about 6 months since I've last blogged and now I'm writing about a trampoline? Well, if anyone out there is actually still checking my blog, it's too overwhelming to think about catching up on the last 6 months and I seriously doubt that anyone wants to read SIX MONTHS of catch-up, so I'm starting with the latest and easiest. If I get real motivated maybe I'll go back and catch up bit by bit.

It's been a great babysitter so far. Day and night. It takes up the whole back lawn, but who really needs a lawn anyway?

Ben has some stylin moves. Especially when Kacy is taking pictures.

Jason and Joe practicing back flips. It even entertains the adults.
Is there a picture of me doing a back flip? No. Why? Because there's a warning on the trampoline that serious injury or death can occur by attempting such stunts . It's because of people like me that said warnings must be posted in the first place. I would most likely paralyze myself long before I would come close to landing a back flip. Jumping up and down is exciting enough for me, thank you.

It's supposedly the safest trampoline on the market. I guess time will tell. The only thing broken so far?

Jason's glasses.