Sunday, May 8, 2011


Mom, you did it all! You successfully raised 5 children ( 4 unruly boys and 1 sweet, thoughtful daughter).

You made 3 meals a day. Real meals too. The only time we had cereal was on Saturday morning. How did you do it? My kids have cereal at least half the week for breakfast and maybe a time or two for dinner too, depending on how crazy my day is.

We were well dressed. I mean really, how many moms have a sense of style like that? Those pants were awesome!

You always kept the house clean and neat. Although green shag probably helps keep certain things hidden.

You always made our birthdays special with your specialty cakes and parties. That's something I've tried to do for my own children.

You made all our Halloween costumes. I don't care what all the boys say about it, those costumes were cute!

You taught me to sew. Or at least you tried. And some of it I still know how to do.

You planned and budgeted every year for a family vacation. That was in the days before the internet and you actually wrote the Chamber of Commerce in the areas we visited before hand and had everything planned and organized long before we all piled into the station wagon for our vacation.

You bar-hopped.
Oh wait, that was just a photo shoot on your annual vacation with your sisters. I'm glad you got some well deserved vacation time away from all of us once in a while.

You wrote helped us write our many reports and school projects.

You went to and supported us through many many music recitals, dance recitals, games, etc etc....

You faithfully planned FHE lessons every week. The ones we spent at the State prison were especially memorable.

You spent hours and hours and hours sewing me this dress for the Jr. High dance. Even though I clearly didn't know how to do my hair at that age. Or maybe that was just the style? That's what I tell myself anyway.

With 4 sons, you spent hours and hours at scouting events learning the "round of applause" and "watermelon cheer" among many other cheers and applauses that have no doubt been useful in your day to day life.

You still took us on family vacations and other outings even when we (by "we" I mean my brothers) were obnoxious know-it-all teenagers.

You kept a journal for each one of us. On a TYPEWRITER!
You always held a calling in the church in which you've always done an excellent job.
You took time to play with us.
I could go on and on.

Mom, you really did do it all. And I don't know how. I don't do half as well or half as much as you did. Somehow, you made it look a lot easier than it is, because now I know-IT'S NOT EASY!

I appreciate you. I love you. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.