Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter Outings

Unfortunately we are still months away from spring, but fortunately we don't have to drive far to have spring-like weather. Just 45 minutes south, and the weather is beautiful. I wish we could get away every weekend.

Here I am, soaking up the sun while reading. Ahh, it just doesn't get any better than this.

Meanwhile, the kids could play for hours in the sand.

So many cool placed to explore. I love it, Snow Canyon is the place to be in the winter.

On a colder note, Jason took Regan and Spencer on a cross country ski overnighter last weekend. They didn't hit the trail until pretty late, so they skied in a little ways and then built their quinzee-aka snow cave- at about 10:00 that night. The boys slept well and stayed warm, but unfortunately for Jason there wasn't quite enough room for his back end, which was hanging over the entrance all night and being hit with a constant flow of cold air.

Brrr, looks cold. I was at home with a nice fire in the fireplace, eating popcorn, and having a movie night.

Overall, they had an enjoyable time...I think. Spencer only had two meltdowns. His feet got cold so he was pretty sure he was going to die. But I must say, all three of them are quite the troopers. Tougher than I am, I'm sure. I'd prefer to sit on the couch and stuff my face if it's going to be cold outside. But, who knows, maybe someday when I no longer have the excuse of having babies, I'll be adventurous in the winter again. Then again, I think I'll stick with Snow Canyon. That's my kind of winter.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Introducing our newest pet, Snape the snake. We still have our 4 chickens and our dog, but they're outside animals, and I thought the kids would have fun with a snake. Yes, it was my idea. I bought it for Christmas. I've always liked snakes, and they actually make good long as you get a nice one. Ours is a corn snake. You only feed it once a week, frozen mice from the pet store. Snape is still a baby, and if he (or she? how do you tell?) lives to adulthood, he can get up to 5 feet in length. That may seem really big, but they don't get very big around, so he probably wouldn't ever be able to eat us.
Now, I know you're all probably dying to come and visit Snape, but we wouldn't want to get him over stimulated, so if you could keep the visits to a minimum, it would be appreciated.