Thursday, February 18, 2010

Angel's Landing

On President's Day we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went south to Zion to hike Angel's landing.
Our friends Joe and Kacy came with us. Thankfully, Joe volunteered (or maybe I volunteered him) to carry Weston on his back. I'm not so sure I'd of made it if I'd of been packing him. Sad, what a winter of inactivity can do. I'm so glad it's almost over.

After all of my lecturing, Spencer was certain he would fall to his death if he so much as put a toe out of line (notice the look on his face, above). Oh well, better to be cautious, I always say.

Regan, enjoying the view.

Joe and Weston.
You can see the last climb was still covered in snow. We didn't dare attempt it with the kids.

Cooling off on the way back down.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Good News and the Bad News

Regan won 3rd place overall in the Pinewood Derby this year, which is good news, I suppose, but the really good news is that the derby lasted only 1 hour this year. The last 2 years? Three hours! I mean really, does everyone need to race everyone at every lane on the track? I think not. This year, they hired someone new to run the track. It was all electronic, which made for a smooth race. It was all over in an hour, I couldn't believe it! Let's hope they keep with this new system, because I've got 9 more derby's to go before all the boys are out of cub scouts.

The car. This is the first time we've ever had a car that didn't come in close to last place.

Now for the bad news-Regan broke the base of his thumb yesterday while playing kick ball at school. He got knocked off his feet by the ball, and landed on his hand. We took him to the instacare where he got a temporary cast, and tomorrow he'll get a permanent one from the Orthopedic Surgeon. Good thing he's a tough kid. No tears, no whining, he took it like a man. Honestly, I think he thinks that it's cool. He can now brag of having had 3 broken bones.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fortune Cookies

Spencer made these little paper fortune cookies at school. They were very...entertaining.

Jason's fortune-

My fortune-

Our futures aren't looking too bright. Who knows what kind of danger Ben is putting me in, and Jason has no future.

Another of mine-

At least we'll be a forever family. Does it count if one of my kids tries to put me in "grate danger"?

Regan's fortune-(you have the only great experiments at home)
The boys' "experiments" always scare me.

Another one for Jason- (you have a earth quake coming your way. Then another one.)

If these had been written before the 2 earthquakes we had, we could start charging good money for his fortune cookies. But as it is, I'm glad to know that's not the case, otherwise I'd have to start worrying about my safety and Jason's future and what Regan is doing in his spare time.