Friday, November 21, 2008

Regan's 9th Birthday

Regan is my easy child. I'm not picking favorites, he's just lower maintenance than some of my other children. He's a good student, he does what is asked of him without making a big deal about it, he's a good friend, and he still likes to hang out with us. I gave him the choice again this year between having a party with his friends or doing something with me and Jason. He chose to do something with us. He wanted eat dinner at Rusty's, a nice restaurant up the canyon that Jason and I go to every year on our anniversary. I'm sure we would have spent less money by throwing a party, but it sure was easier, by far. We left all the other kids with a friend so it would be just the three of us. He thought it was really cool. So did Jason. We almost never go out to eat, so I think Jason was just about as excited as Regan. He's already been suggesting to Regan what restaurant to choose next year.
It was a nice evening, and the food was really good. We only ordered an appetizer, an extra salad, and one entree for all of us, and we still had leftovers. We were all stuffed, which is impressive, considering how much Jason and Regan can eat. Then they brought out some delicious chocolate truffle pie with a candle in it, and had the whole restaurant sing to him.
After dinner, we picked up the kids and went home for presents and cake, but we decided we were still too full to eat any cake, so we saved it for the next day.

I've decided I really like these types of birthdays. I suggested to Spencer that he do the same for his birthday. He was clearly appalled by my suggestion. I guess two easy kids in one family is too much to ask.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bread and Butter...

or butter and bread. After getting Ben out of the bath yesterday, I ran downstairs to grab his clothes. Back upstairs, I found him making a little treat. Comfort food , I guess. Who wouldn't want to eat a pound of butter on a slice of the buff? Still, as much as I like to watch him enjoy his food, I couldn't let him eat his "heart attack on bread" treat. That did not go over well. But neither does anything else with him, so, oh well.

Six Months!

Weston just turned 6 months. Here are the results:
16 lbs 6 oz 25%
28 inches 91%
Head 17.25 48%

He's started this new 'sticking his tongue out' thing. It's hard to get a picture of him without it hanging out.
He's a good baby. He loves to grin at people. He loves to be in the backpack, which is where he spends probably 80% of his wake time. I don't know how I'd survive without it, it's the only way I can get anything done.
With him being my last (99.9% sure), I'm really enjoying him just being a baby.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Boys' Hangout

Now that it's getting too cold to play outside in the evenings, the boys have found a new hangout-Jason's shop. They can make fires, hang out with their dog, make messes, fight with each other....or whatever, because it's not my concern what they do when they're in Jason's shop (Jason's with them of course). And, they're not just hanging out. They're being productive. Or at least some of them are being productive.

Jason is working on my Christmas present, a mantle for the fireplace.
Regan likes to help out and learn how to use all the tools.

Spencer does his own thing, as usual. He keeps busy making and flying his spaceships.

Ben likes to run around, usually in just a diaper, yelling at everyone else, especially Spencer and the dog. But whatever, because like I said before, what they choose to do while in Jason's shop is no concern of mine.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Freaky Halloween

I'm finally getting around to writing about Halloween. This year Regan and Spencer insisted on being something "freaky". It doesn't matter that we already have a million costumes; Indiana Jones, or any other super hero, is just not acceptable for a Halloween costume. So, while at my Mom's, she took them shopping for something freaky.

Spencer picked out a skeleton. I'll have to admit, this skeleton was freakier than the skeleton with a smiley face that he wore a few years ago. Regan had wanted to be the Grim Reaper, but when he couldn't find a costume for it, he decided to be that awful Scream character that comes with blood you can pump through the mask.
Ben wasn't as excited about getting dressed up. Maybe because mice aren't freaky. My brothers swear that they're still traumatized by the fact that they were dressed in homemade squirrel and bunny costumes when they were little (don't listen to them Mom, I'm still impressed that you made our costumes).

Whatever the reason, he was okay once he realized he could get a bag of candy by dressing up.
We spent most the evening at our ward trunk-or-treat/party, which means NO MASKS. So instead, the boys painted their faces.
Hopefully they're still into "freaky" next year. Their costumes are big enough that I'll probably make them wear them again.