Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Officer Murray

Yesterday, Jason got a ride home from a police officer in one of his classes. When they got home, Jason asked if it would be okay for Spencer to check out his cop car. The officer showed Spencer everything, even letting him turn on the lights. He also locked Spencer in the back, as if he were the "bad guy". Before leaving, the office gave him some police stickers. Spencer thought it was awesome. When he came back in the house he immediately set to work creating a police man costume. After he was all dressed, he asked me to take his picture. After reviewing the picture he said, "Wow! I look just like a real police man."
He made an office in his bedroom and sat at his desk, giving orders. He also kept a close eye on Ben so that he could "arrest him and throw him in jail" at the slightest infraction of the law (or at least his own interpretation of the law). However, he didn't like it when he found out police men still have to follow some rules, like cleaning their rooms. He had to call my dad and ask if police men really have to clean things. He was clearly disappointed when the answer was yes.
He decided that because he looked so cool, he needed to wear his costume to Regan's pinewood derby that night. I told him I thought that was great idea. Pinewood derbys tend to quickly get out of hand. It would probably be wise to have a police officer there to help keep the peace.
He thought that was a great idea too, until we got there. The scouts started asking him if he was getting ready for Halloween. He was suddenly embarrassed and tried hiding under Ben's coat for the remainder of the night. Poor Spence, if only it were possible for him to live in his own little made up world, he'd be content. Unfortunately for him, he must live in reality, which includes scouts who aren't afraid of his authority, and a mom who makes him clean his room.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My First Journal

I was reading through an old journal today and couldn't keep from laughing at my writings, so I thought I'd share. These are excerpts from the journal that I kept at age 8 (click on the pictures if you're having a hard time seeing them). I think you'll agree, my writing talents began at an early age:

I remember the kitten incident. The potato chips? No idea. Maybe we fed them to the dizzy kittens, or maybe we stole them from someones pantry.

Dang it! Here again, I leave vital information out of my description. I guess I wanted to make sure it wouldn't be used against me down the road.
Maybe this was the day that Elise and her sister locked me in her house because I wouldn't eat sweet pickles (true story).

Deep thoughts of an 8 year old.
My first case of theft. I remember it well.
Apparently, I was having a hard time getting over it. At least there's proof I had a conscience, even if I liked swinging kittens in pillowcases.
There she goes again. First stealing, then mud fights. Jaycie was always getting my in trouble.
As you can see, I've always been a talented writer. A loyal friend too. Actually, I'd like to think that I've improved some in both areas over the years.

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Recipe Blog

So I've been relentlessly hounded about the big release of my recipe blog. My cooking has become so famous that people are practically breaking down my door to get to my recipes.
Or maybe not. But I wanted this to seem like an important moment. Sooo.....(drum roll please)

There it is. Actually I've had 2 or 3 people ask about recipes, so I thought it would be fun to create a recipe blog. I think it's more for me than anyone else, but take a look if you'd like. There's not that many recipes yet, but I'll be adding to it often, or at least that's the plan.